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Defining Luxury Real Estate in Bay Colony and Pelican Bay 

If you’re considering buying or selling luxury real estate in Bay Colony and the Pelican Bay area of Naples, look no further than Scott Sorenson and Mimi Gabr-Sorenson.

Scott has over 45 years of real estate experience, 23 of which as agent in Naples working on luxury properties on or near the beach. Mimi is an award-winning, Architect & High-End Interior Designer, with over 26 years in Naples owning her own firm working only on or near the beach in Bay Colony, Pelican Bay, Park Shore properties.  (She is retired from Design Business), but is working with our clients to help, evaluate potential purchases and with sellers when showing our listings and explaining, options of complete remodeling.  Mimi’s extensive experience and the buildings she worked in is shown in our Teams information.

Together with their highly skilled team of architects, designers and space planners, Scott and Mimi work closely with you to ensure your real estate experience is a complete success and your vision of the perfect home is realized.

45+ Years Experience as an Agent, Plus 26 years Architecture & Design

The main advantage of our experience is showing our clients the true value of a condo or house based on its current condition, asking price, and the future potential after it is remodeled.  We can tell you if the home or condo can be remodeled to your standards or if the property has problems and can’t be remodeled to your quality level.  We can Identify walls to come down, doors that can be widened to open up rooms, ceilings that can be raised and examples of decoration on ceilings with architectural designs.  We can show you the before and after of what the home would look like and its value after this work is done.  You can do this work when you want, and we can find quality contractors and designers to do the work. Although we are retired from these projects, we know who can do a great job. We enjoy watching the project and reporting back to you.

Contact us here or call (239) 919-0047 to see how we can help with your Naples luxury home.



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Are you interested in buying a home? Look no further than working with Scott Sorenson and his team of real estate experts.




Our 45+ years of real estate experience in luxury properties as an agent, is enhanced with additional 30 years of experience from Mimi, as Architect & Licensed High-End Interior Design experience in Naples, helping us understand how to evaluate floor plan, building, and potential design when you evaluate the price of a property and future changes.