Has the Real Estate Market
Stabilized In Naples?

Use our Three Software Systems to find out:

IDX / MLS System
Market Snapshot / MLS System
Listing Book / MLS System

If you want to know if the market has stabilized in Naples or what is happening with MLS listing prices then USE OUR THREE SOFTWARE SYSTEMS to find out. We wanted to know if the prices are going up or down and in which part of Naples. We also wanted charts to show this as well as numbers/statistics to see the results easier.

We have installed 3 systems and each has their benefits and some are easier or faster to use, but all use facts from the Naples Multiple Listing Service which is updated each day. Recently MLS has allowed us to show all closed sales information on the internet, which was only available to agents until recently.

We wanted to see facts about closed sales and current listing by showing them on Maps, Charts and number so you can research information to help you decide when to buy or to investigate different areas easily before coming down here – and this saves you a lot of time.

I have investigated all the systems available and how each helps you. By easy and fast procedures to see this information - you will like it. I know it’s easier for you to get to know Naples by using Maps and when you add current information onto these maps which you can zoom in/out to a bird’s eye view by Google/Map and Bing its faster even if you were in Naples looking at these properties.

After spending a lot of my time showing properties and explaining Naples to people I know these interactive maps are fast and helpful. Let me explain which system is best for different information.

You need to register at some point to get the most out of these systems and I do see who is using our systems and when you are ready for my help to put all this information together I will be very happy to answer your questions by email or phone call. It will help both of us to talk when you are ready, but until then please use the best systems available.

I can help you the most when you register and using these systems. By saving your work and watching the changes in your area you’ll know Naples better and it allows me to help you even more when you ask questions about areas, buildings or your other concerns - and it all helps you more. Please don’t hesitate to send your questions by email or phone.
Phone: 239.919.0047
Email: SSorenson@Comcast.Net

IDX/MLS System

IDX MLS Real Estate SoftwareThis service is the best system overall because it allows you to see maps with all the MLS listing in any area or use its Advanced searches for specific searches. Its basic search is fast and easy or you can search by street addresses or MLS listing numbers. I prefer to start all my searches by the Map Search because its fast and I know where I am in Naples by zooming in/out and moving in all directions. But when I need specific searches it’s the exact information and procedures, used by agents in Naples. When you are done just save your searches and the system will send email updates giving you any new listings in your area or price range. This will keep you involved in seeing all changes to your searched area.

Naples Real Estate MLS/IDX Service

Market Snapshot Software

Market Snapshot  MLS Real Estate SoftwareThis software service will give you all current listings, closed sales and new listings in a list with basic information about price, square feet, bedrooms, and days on the market etc so it’s fast and easy to see. Then it has charts showing market trends for past periods for closed sales, listing price vs selling prices. The photo’s area is the best part as it will zoom in from a Bird’s eye view on the property and allows you to see it from 360 degree views – so you see the front, back and side of the property from about 200 feet off the ground. So after using this software you will see fast results and great photo’s close up while looking at the Market trend in Naples. The benefits of this system are truely worth some more investigation... Click here to read more,
and to see Market Snapshot in action, plus, the many
informational benefits it offers.

Naples Real Estate Market Snapshot

Listing Book System

Listing Book MLS Real Estate SoftwareThis system is easier to use but is more limited on what you can do in relation to the other systems. Take a look and try them all, and see which one gives you the best results and let me know how I can improve on giving you more information.

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